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Sarah Burnett


Sarah Burnett is a native of Gilmer County and has a deep connection to the local community and heritage.  She lives with her husband and two daughters on a multi-generational family farm where they garden and raise cattle, pastured poultry, and dairy goats.

When the herd of dairy goats began supplying more milk than the family could consume, experimenting with soap making began.  Never realizing that store-bought soaps were merely detergents, Sarah became determined to provide her family with healthier and more natural “true” soaps using the goat milk already available.   Through a lot of trial and error, along with her background in chemistry, Sarah developed recipes and perfected methods that consistently provided the types of soaps she and her family enjoyed.  After being encouraged by friends and family, she started marketing her soaps in 2010 under their farm name of “Holden Creek Farms”.  Soaps are sold from the farm and in a couple of local retail locations. 

Sarah’s educational background includes as Bachelors and Masters of Science from the University of Georgia specializing in nutrition. Her professional experience has been as a registered dietician working in clinical and educational positions. She became inspired by authors such as Michael Pollan, whose works have enhanced her feeling that our current industrialized food system is producing an unhealthy society. It is her desire to incorporate her knowledge of farming and nutrition to provide a truly healthy eating alternative that is beneficial for our body and the environment.  Sarah enjoys getting “back to the basics”, creating soaps, canning, gardening and many other projects using artisan methods that have been time-tested. She always enjoys sharing her knowledge with others who have a similar vision.