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Chanterelle Mushrooms!

Inspired by a friend (Kelly) who had posted about making Chanterelle Soup that sounded awesome, and asking her a few questions, Pat and I learned about Chanterelle Mushrooms.  We have been growing Shiitaki mushrooms for about a year, with a little bit of success, hoping it will improve.  Also, one of our instructors (Alexis) sent Pat a picture yesterday of her carrying two baskets of these mushrooms that she and a friend had collected this past weekend.  We became intriqued even more, and vowed to see if we could finds some nearby, possibly on the farms.  Anyhow, Pat came across some Chanterelle Mushrooms today, or so she thought.  Since we were not sure, we texted a picture to both friends, and Kelly immediately thought they were, but cautioned me to read up on Chanterelle Look-Alikes to be sure.


 We looked them up, and found that real Chanterelle Mushrooms DO NOT have gills like regular mushrooms.  (I would also advise anyone curious to also do some research to avoid digestive issues later).  So, off we went this evening after milking the goats and the other chores, and we actually found about 5 or 6 spots where they are growing, and here is the bounty, 3 pounds in about 30 minutes (using the 4-wheeler to get around of course).  Now we need to do a little more reading on all the ways to use them, preserve them for winter, etc.  More to come on that later!  For now they will go in the fridge in a brown paper bag, supposedly they will keep fresh for about 2 weeks, by which time I hope they will either be eaten, cooked and frozen, or dehydrated for later use.


Chanterelle Mushrooms.JPG