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Mandy Latimer

Goats 101, 102 and mini specialty sessions through out the year


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I am currently teaching teachers how to do biotechnology based labs. 

 • MS in Animal Science & BS in Biology

• LATG [Laboratory Animal Technologist]

• Served as vice president or president of the Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association most of the last 20 years., 

• Co-Editor of the Georgia Goat News

• Life Member of the ADGA (25 years, American Dairy Goat Association)

Originally a city girl from Washington DC, I moved to Georgia to attend college. After graduating from graduate school at UGA, I married my husband John and moved to his 38 acre farm in North East Georgia. The LLAcres herd was started in 1988 and presently consists of about 23 (and as many as 50 animals in past years) registered purebred Nubian & LaMancha dairy goats which are mainly housed on a 2.5 acre pasture. I strive to make sure that my herd is self- sustaining by maintaining a license to sell raw milk for the pet market, selling breeding stock and keeping my animals as healthy as possible.