Smokey Hollow Farms

Pursuing sustainability and educating others to live in harmony with everything around us!

Cooking Classes

Smokey Hollow Farms offers many different cooking and nutrition classes.  Below are some of the upcoming classes.  Check the Calendar of Events for all scheduled classes and times!

Chinese Cooking

Join me at Smokey Hollow Farms Learning Center as we will prepare (and eat!) a 5 course dinner. This will be hands on so come prepared to cook. The menu will consist of the following:

   Appetizers: Boiled Meat Dumplings, Simmered Chicken Wings, and Egg Rolls

    Soup Course: Hot and Sour Soup, Egg Drop Soup

   Starch: Ham Fried Rice

   Main Course: Beef and Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, Chicken Almond Ding

   Dessert: Black Walnut Cookies, Almond Biscuits

  Instructor - Beverly Martarella

Cost is $75.00 per person

Reservations Required

Please check the Event Calendar for Class Dates!  

Please call 678-374-7473 or email Pat