Smokey Hollow Farms

Pursuing sustainability and educating others to live in harmony with everything around us!

Cheryl Starke - Cheese Making, Goat Husbandry, Organic Gardening


I was born and raised in Southeastern Tennessee on a working farm owned by my grandparents.  My mother and grandparents instilled in me my passion for sustainability, especially my grandfather who to this day is the driving force behind my love of all things in nature and living the lost legacy of living the farm life.

My mother and grandmother taught me all about food preservation; from canning of vegetables and meats, to freezing and dehydrating as well as butchering our livestock.  All aspects of living sustainably were passed on to me.  I was taught to always watch the signs of nature, for that is the best teacher. Throughout my life I have worked with beef & dairy cattle, dairy goats, horses, chickens, and a multitude of other animals. My education and training includes a Veterinary Tech degree. I have raised mushrooms, grow all things organically, managed farms, had a landscaping business, operated a feed store and worked as a caterer.

Since the early 90's I have been making cheese, yogurt, kefir, soaps, lotions, and chemical free cleaning products.

I strive for all things natural and healthy, as well as a desire to be able to do everything myself.