Smokey Hollow Farms

Pursuing sustainability and educating others to live in harmony with everything around us!

We are located in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains in Ellijay. 


Pat and I decided years ago that we wanted to move out of the Atlanta burbs, and get some land and raise animals of some sort. We finally decided on goats, and thought the Kinder breed would be a good fit, as they are dual purpose, meaning they have a good amount of milk, and they have more meat on them than a traditional dairy goat would, but not as much as a straight meat goat. We started looking for where we could find some Kinders, and only found one herd in South Georgia. The Kinders seemed to originate, and are much more popular in the Pacific northwest. Well, shipping can be expensive, and travel can be as well, and we didn’t even have a truck yet. So, by this time we had already joined the Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association, and had started to attend the meetings just so we could meet people that have goats, and start to learn all about them. We confirmed pretty quickly what we thought, there are not many Kinders in the Southeast. So, one of our new found friends said we ought to look at the Oberhasli goats. Well, we did, and we loved them. They are mid-sized as far as Dairy Goats are concerned, and are a very quiet breed, which is nice. So, long story short, we imported one Ober from Arizona, the timing was perfect, since our friend was making the trip out there to pick up several, we were able to pitch in and have him bring us one back. The other 3 Obers we bought from the Forsyth, Ga. area, along with 2 barn kittens, and 2 Great Pyrenees / Maremma cross Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD’s), but ours were puppy's. We made the trip in our new/used truck with camper shell, and carried all those animals home in one day, with a trailer of hay as well. A complete farm in the back of our truck! We have been expanding and growing ever since, and loving every minute!

Frank & Pat Corker